Friday, September 19, 2008

ARTICLE #126) Sex Crime Survivors

PICTURED: Christine

Tuesday, July 8, 2008
Sex Crime Survivors
Montel Williams Show with Montel Williams & Glendene Grant

On today’s show, we’ll revisit some of our most memorable guests who endured shocking sexual exploitation. In a MONTEL exclusive, Eller promised her daughter Tamara that no harm would ever come to her. Her worst fears were realized when her boyfriend John molested Tamara. How has it been for them since sharing their story with Montel on our show?

Glendene’s daughter wanted to travel and see the world before going to college when she went missing. Glendene hired a private investigator and they discovered she was being forced into prostitution in Las Vegas. We’ll talk to Glendene and find out the update on this case.

Eva was abducted at age 13 by a stranger who forced her into prostitution. With the past still fresh in her memory, has Eva been able to move on?

Christine was kidnapped by a couple and locked in a room where men would pay to come in and have sex with her. She has never been able to have a relationship since. How is she coping?

Brigitte Harris made headlines when she murdered her father, but her sister, Carleen, came forward on our show to shed light on the way he treated them. She claims their father would beat them and force them to have sex with him. With the trial coming up, will Brigitte be able to use this as her defense?

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