Friday, September 19, 2008

ARTICLE #125) Remember Jessie Always

Wednesday, May 28, 2008
Remember Jessie Always
Kamloops This Week Letter to the Editor by Glendene Grant


My daughter, Jessie Foster, turned 24 yesterday and we had an online birthday party for her.

Jessie disappeared from Las Vegas on March 28, 2006.

Yesterday’s online event was meant to be a celebration of her life and a prayer for her return.

I have had a cause on Facebook for sometime and there are now 590 members.

I am very proud of this response, but we want to have more.

The more people who keep Jessie’s story on their lips and in their e-mails, the more likely we are to not forget her.

I have also recently started a MySpace page.

Please check them both out and pass them around.

They can be found at and

It takes only a minute of your time, but the support generated from it will be huge.

Of course, there is also the main site:

I have chosen the Polaris Project to get any money that is donated to these causes. I met Tina Frundt from the Polaris Project last year in New York when we were both on the Montel Williams Show about human trafficking.

The Polaris Project helps survivors of human trafficking recover when they are returned with their families.

Glendene Grant of Kamloops, BC Canada

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