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ARTICLE #127) Mom still searching for daughter

Wednesday, August 13, 2008
Mom still searching for daughter
National Enquirer by Sharon Ward

“I LOVE YOU—I’ll speak with you later.”

Devoted mom Glendene Grant spoke those final, heartfelt words to her beautiful daughter Jessie shortly before the young woman mysteriously disappeared.

Two years later, a devastated Glendene is still looking for Jessie Foster—refusing to give up hope that her precious daughter is still alive.

“In my heart, I don’t feel that Jessie is dead,” says Glendene, 50. “I believe she is being kept somewhere against her will—and I won’t stop until I find her.”

Jessie, the second oldest of Glendene’s four daughters, moved to Las Vegas in May 2005 to stay with a friend, Yvonne Hubrechtsen.

But Jessie, then 21, met 39-year-old Peter Todd, a friend of Yvonne’s boyfriend, and they became engaged.

“She told me that Peter had a twin brother James, who was a teacher, and that Peter was very respectable and also rich,” said Glendene, who lives in British Columbia , Canada.

“We later found that these details were all lies.”

On March 29, 2006, her family tried contacting Jessie and kept getting her voice mail.

“I started frantically calling Peter and Yvonne, but neither answered,” said glendene. “It wasn’t until April 9 that Peter finally picked up the phone when I called.

“He told me Jessie had just taken off and left him heartbroken. All of her things were gone, but she had left her hair dryer and makeup.

“I was suspicious—what woman would leave without her hair dryer and makeup? And I didn’t understand why he hadn’t reported her missing or called me.”

Deeply worried, Glendene contacted Las Vegas police. They searched Peter’s house—but found nothing.

Jessie’s father Dwight Foster hired a private detective—who came back with some very disturbing news.

“Jessie had been leading a double life as a high-class escort,” said Glendene, “I was shocked-nothing could have prepared me for that.

“But the PI also learned that she had been in the hospital many times after being beated, so it’s likely that she was being forced into the prostitution. I was devastated.”

In October 2006, Glendene and her best friend went to Vegas to hand out flyers and look for Jessie.

They also uncovered some horrifying information—Peter had allegedly been Jessie’s pimp and had a police record for spousal abuse. What’s more, his ex-wife had been arrested for prostitution, according to police.

“To me, it all made sense,” says Glendene. “Her disappearance has all the trademarks of a human-trafficking kidnapping.”

Glendene and her distraught family are still searching for their beloved daughter. There is a $50,000 reward for finding her.

“I pray that she isn’t being beaten and locked up,” says the shattered mom.


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