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ARTICLE #39) Disappearance brings sorrow to Christmas

Thursday, December 21, 2006
Disappearance brings sorrow to Christmas
Calgary Sun by Sarah Kennedy

It was Christmas Day last year when Glendene Grant last saw her daughter.

If it were up to her, Grant would prefer the holiday to slip by with no notice because without her daughter Jessie Foster, she said it's not worth celebrating.

"I wasn't going to celebrate it this year but my youngest daughter said we have to because that's what Jessie would want," she said.

Still, Grant said she couldn't bring herself to decorate the Christmas tree because it's full of ornaments that Jessie made.

"I couldn't even open the box," she said.

It was Christmas Day last year when Jessie boarded a plane to Las Vegas, where she had been living with a man named Peter Todd for several months.

Grant and her ex-husband Dwight Foster didn't realize their 21-year-old daughter, who had been a straight-A student, working two jobs, got involved in the underworld of Las Vegas and had been working as a prostitute.

It wasn't until they hired a Vegas private investigator, several months after all communication with Jessie stopped, that Grant and Foster learned the terrifying truth.

It's now been eight months and still no word from Jessie. Glendene said every day living has become a struggle.

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