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ARTICLE #38) A moment captured: A mother`s anguish

Sunday, October 22, 2006
A moment captured: A mother`s anguish
Las Vegas Sun by Tiffany Brown


My name is Glendene Grant and my daughter Jessie Foster has been missing in Las Vegas for almost seven months now. My best friend Brenda Rose and I came down to Las Vegas to see what we can do about getting the information about her being missing out here.

My reason for coming to Las Vegas is to get a feel for where she was living and how she lived, and make sure people down here know she is missing and make sure people know how many people go missing every month. It was our last thing we wanted to do to try and get our lives back on track. When I get home, I'm going back to work and start being a mum to my other kids and a wife to my husband again, because right now all I have been is the mother of a missing daughter, and that has taken my whole life.

We have talked to the mayor's office, the attorney general's office and the governor's office. We have talked to Metro Police, North Las Vegas Police, and we have tried to go to all the hotels talking to security and the front desk.

We want the truth. If Jessie is alive, if Jessie is dead, we want to know. Without proof I am going to look for her the rest of my life. If we have to keep coming back to Las Vegas we will.

Our family's mind is constantly on Jessie. Always. You don't do anything without having Jessie on your mind. I know she is alive. I've had four children and my heart didn't divide with each child, it multiplied. I feel that Jessie's portion of my heart would definitely know if she were not breathing on this Earth any more. My heart would feel it.

#GLENDENE Grant rests briefly in her Strip hotel room last Sunday. Grant left her home in Kamloops, British Columbia, for a one-week trip to Las Vegas in search of her daughter, Jessie, who has been missing since April.

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