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ARTICLE #148) Missing Jessie: Mom of missing woman lights a candle on Mother’s Day

Missing Jessie: Mom of missing woman lights a candle on Mother’s Day
Mother's Day - Sunday, May 10, 2009

Jessie Foster has been missing from Las Vegas since April 2006. She is a native of Kamloops. Efforts to locate her have failed so far. Her mom, Glendene Grant has not let a day go by without searching for her Jessie. Here is her mother’s day message.

First off, I want to wish all my wonderful Mom Friends a very Happy Mother’s Day. Let’s all celebrate our children and remember how much they love us and of course, how much we love them.

Also, please say a special prayer for Jessie and remind her what a wonderful daughter she is and how much I love her, miss her and how very proud I have always been of her, as I have been of all my daughters.

Jessie is really making a difference in the world, not sure why it had to be in this way, but no matter what, JESSIE FOSTER is known to many and her case is changing many things: how human trafficking is looked at; going to our nations capitol in a bid to try to get a national/international DNA database set up in Canada; helping others with a missing loved one in their family and trying to help them in any way possible as to the direction to go, people to contact and how to get active on the internet networking on every possible site you can; and much, much more. Without all the support we get from all of you, this would be all in vain, so THANK YOU ALL, for your continued support in our search for my international endangered missing daughter, JESSICA EDITH LOUISE FOSTER.

We will be honouring Jessie’s birthday in a couple of weeks…May 27th is Jessie’s 25th birthday. That is a milestone birthday and we all need to remember her and celebrate her life. Please remember to light a candle for Jessie, say a prayer and remember her with a smile. Jessie has always been a treasure - a kind, wonderful daughter who’s small things are still so vivid in my mind…like when she was trying to get me to smile when she was in trouble for something and if I even cracked the smallest one she would grin and point at my lips and say, “See, you are smiling…you are not mad” and from that moment on, Jessie was no longer in trouble (don’t get me wrong, the troubles Jessie got in were all minor and for the life of me, I can’t even remember one incident in particular). Or when she gave me her “Jessie-look”, which is a look that her younger sister Jennee (19) has down pat; I even tell her “wow, that is a look that Jessie gets on her face”.

All my daughters, Jessie, Jennee, Crystal (26) and Katie (22) have so much in common, and for the life of me, I could never get their names straight when they were younger - LOL. Just like my mom with us. I love all my girls so much and now I am blessed to have a new generation to love - Jennee’s daughter Maddie is now 16 months old and Katie’s son JJ is 4 months old - they are the cutest, most adorable, most precious babies and I love them so much. I love all my kids with all my heart.

- Glendene Grant, Jessie’s mom.

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