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ARTICLE #83) Letter to Editor: Poor choices lead people down trouble paths

Friday, September 7, 2007
Letter to Editor: Poor choices lead people down trouble paths
Kamloops This Week by Jay Barlow, Kamloops, BC Canada

In response to recent letters from bleeding hearts on the issue of prostitution, not all thieves and prostitutes have the excuse of being from a broken or abusive home.

My oldest daughter was not abused or from a broken home.

She was married and had two lovely children. A friend of her husband talked them into trying cocaine at a party. She liked it and got hooked.

The man traded sexual favours for the drug. It soon cost her her family, her dignity and, a short time later, her life.

I buried her in 1995 at 22 years of age.

I take offense to those who say parents are responsible for the problems of their children.

Get in touch with the real world. When a person steals, rapes, murders or gets involved in prostitution or drugs, it is their decision.

Children run away from home for some of the stupidest reasons – their mom won’t let them stay out past midnight or their parents won’t let their boyfriend sleep over in their room.

I am not the only parent who would take offense to such blame-the-parents attitude.

There is a loving family here in Kamloops trying to raise a reward to find their daughter, who went missing in Las Vegas.

Is she from an abusive or broken home? Or did she make some bad decisions?

I have pictures and a death certificate to back up my letter.

That’s why I walk with the North Shore Safety Patrol – to protect or help someone else’s daughter.

What do other letter writers do to make things better?

Jay Barlow, Kamloops, BC Canada

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