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Sunday, April 23, 2006
Kamloops This Week - Letter to the Editor from Gail Ferraro of Vernon, BC Canada

Editor - Re: (‘Vegas mystery for mom,’ April 19):

While I appreciate Kamloops This Week informing the public of the unexpected disappearance of Jessie Foster, I am disappointed with some of the language included in the report.

Reference to Jessie as a “jet-setter” enjoying herself travelling the world greatly minimizes the potential tragic outcome of her situation.

Where is Jessie Foster and what has happened to her? That is a question every family never wants to be asking.

Requesting local friends who have heard from Jessie to come forward with information is in reality a drop in the bucket in comparison to the mentally and physically exhausting effort family members and friends must make in order to locate Jessie and ensure her safety.

The reality is this: a terrified family and a young woman away from home who has seemingly vanished, ending all contact with family members in the time between one day and the next.

Ending the very regular contact Jessie maintained with her family is completely unlike the pattern of behaviour she has consistently maintained. That fact tells us, your readers, something important.

Speculating on the whys, whats and wheres will not help. What will help is acknowledging the fact that if Jessie was in a position to contact her family since her last call, she would have done so.

She has not. That fact is a call to help to every resident of Kamloops and the surrounding area. Those who can need to come together and, with their collective knowledge, resources, experience, contacts ad expertise, do everything possible to find Jessie.

I know the necessary strength and abilities are within the boundaries of your readership. To those who read KTW, I ask, please, step out, come forward, make the most important call and speak just one sentence – “I want to help, what can I do to find Jessie Foster?”

The world will be a better place because you care and together, we will bring Jessie home.

Gail Ferraro of Vernon, BC Canada

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