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ARTICLE #51) A year later, mom still holds out hope for her daughter’s survival

Wednesday, March 28, 2007
A year later, mom still holds out hope for her daughter’s survival
The Kamloops Daily News by Jason Hewlett

It started with an unreturned phone call ad turned into the longest, hardest year of Glendene Grant’s life.

It was a year ago today that Grant’s daughter, Jessie Foster, 22, last contacted her family. It was a telephone conversation with her sister, Crystal Foster.

The sisters spoke briefly and promised to talk the next day. As promised, Crystal called Jessie’s Las Vegas phone number. Jessie didn’t answer. She hasn’t been heard from since.

That’s why today is a day Grant would just as soon forget. The only thing is, she can’t.

“I would prefer to sleep through the day,” Grant said Tuesday.

“But the whole family will be here. We can sit and talk about Jessie.”

The last 365 days are a whirlwind for the family. Every day was spent working the phones, sending e-mails or contacting law enforcement or missing persons’ agencies on both sides of the border. The hope is someone, somewhere, knows the whereabouts of Jessie.

Grant has been to Las Vegas twice. Her efforts have attracted the interest of the FBI and American TV shows Geraldo At Large and The Maury Show.

“We’ve been very busy. Every day there is something to do. It’s not like working five days and having the having the weekend to relax. It never stops,” Grant said.

Many in the family believe Jessie is dead. Grant refuses to let thoughts like that take over her mind. She is convinced her daughter is being held against her will.

“I hope things aren’t abusive on a daily basis. I hope she uses her brain and keeps safe,” Grant said.

Jessie, 22, started dating Peter Todd shortly after moving to Las Vegas.

Todd, a pimp separated from his wife, a prostitute, has a lot of money, fast cars and all-night parties – things that may have lured Jessie into the lifestyle.

Todd has told investigators he has no idea where she is.

Efforts to find Jessie are expensive. Anyone who would like to contribute to the Jessie Foster Fund can make a donation at any CIBC branch, transit #00050 and account #98-27412.

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