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ARTICLE #35) Friends head to Vegas in search of daughter: Young woman went missing six months ago

Thursday, October 5, 2006
Friends head to Vegas in search of daughter: Young woman went missing six months ago
The Kamloops Daily News by Jason Hewlett

Four years ago Brenda Rose lost a son. Now she's helping her best friend find a daughter.

"I had a son who died. If I could do anything to bring him back I would," Rose said.

"What happened to us was bad but at least we have closure and know where our son is. Glendene doesn't and it's driving her crazy."

On Oct. 13, Rose and Glendene Grant travel to Calgary to sort through a storage unit belonging to Grant's daughter, Jessie Foster. The hope is there will be some clue as to why Jessie vanished in Las Vegas more than six months ago.

The women fly to Vegas on Oct. 14 with more than 2,000 posters and the determination to talk to anyone and everyone connected to Jessie's disappearance. The duo plan to spend four days in the city.

Rose said Grant was there for her when her son, James, 17, was run over while riding his bike on Pinantan Road in 2002. Accompanying her friend to Vegas is the least she can do to return the favour.

"I want to find some peace for Glendene. She's never going to be able to stop or rest until she knows what happened."

Jessie was last heard from by her older sister on the night of March 28. She went to Las Vegas a year prior to her disappearance for a vacation, extended her trip, and eventually decided to move there.

Grant said she believes Jessie is being held against her will and has been forced into a life of prostitution.

Before her disappearance, family members received a text message, e-mail or phone call from her on a daily basis.

The last person to see Jessie was Peter Todd, the pimp-boyfriend she lived with in North Las Vegas. According to Grant, the two had a rocky relationship, consisting of fights and yelling.

Todd was separated from his wife, a prostitute, who threatened Jessie on at least one occasion, according to reports.

Grant said sorting through Jessie's things will renew her energy for Vegas.

"Who knows what's there. She knew what was going on even if we didn't," she said.

Once in Vegas she will talk with Todd's neighbours. She wants to know when the fighting occurred and when it stopped. Other stops include newspaper offices and TV stations.

"I have to do something so I know I've done it all," Grant said.

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