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ARTICLE #30) Missing case attracts more TV attention

Wednesday, August 23, 2006
Missing case attracts more TV attention
The Kamloops Daily News by Jason Hewlett

Another TV show has taken an interest in the story of a Kamloops woman missing in Las Vegas for more than five months.

Glendene Grant learns Monday whether the case of her missing daughter, Jessica Foster, will be featured on an episode of The Maury Show, a syndicated program hosted by former news anchor Maury Povich.

"There is nothing written in stone yet. The producer still has to make the decision," she said.

Grant has been in talks with associate producer Morgan Landau, who told her everything producers have read about Jessie's story leads her to believe the segment will air.

If it does, Grant, Jessie's sister Crystal Foster and dad Dwight Foster will fly Sept. 4 to New York for a taping of the show.

"I think this will get us so much coverage, not just in the U.S. and Canada but all around the world," she said.

Landau said the show airs a couple of episodes a year about missing persons. The program balances stories about people who are missing with success stories about those who have been found.

Producers stumbled across the website during their research and felt Jessie's story would make good television.

"By the time we get all the pieces together we'll definitely know who is coming to the show and who isn't," Landau said.

Jessie, 22, disappeared in Las Vegas in April. An investigation revealed she started dating a man who may be a pimp shortly after moving there. His wife is a known prostitute who allegedly threatened Jessie on numerous occasions.

Grant said she believes Jessie is being held against her will and has been forced into a life of prostitution.

Global National has also expressed interest in the story. An episode may air in the fall. A segment about Jessie aired on Geraldo At Large earlier this year.

Meanwhile, Grant holds a yard sale Saturday and Sunday at 834 Dominion St. to raise money for the Find Jessica Foster Fund. Items are free but donations are appreciated.

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