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ARTICLE #20) Dad's hope fades away: Father needs miracle to bring daughter home

Tuesday, May 23, 2006
Dad's hope fades away: Father needs miracle to bring daughter home
Calgary Sun - by Shawn Logan

The father of a 21-year-old Calgary woman who became ensnared in the seedy Las Vegas underworld now believes his daughter won't be coming home alive.

Dwight Foster said yesterday his life has been a haze since all contact with his daughter Jessica was abruptly halted on March 28, and as each day goes by, his hope for a reunion fades.

"Hope is a funny thing," said Foster, who believes the Las Vegas police department have put the case on the back burner.

"I've had a gut feeling from the very beginning that something was seriously wrong."

Jessica was a straight-A student who gradually became caught up in the high-stakes world of prostitution in Sin City, finally losing touch with her loving family.

Foster said answers have been few and he believes only "a miracle" will bring his daughter home safe.

Mike Kirkman, a veteran Las Vegas private investigator hired by Foster and his ex-wife Glendene Grant of Kamloops, said his experience tells him this case won't have a happy ending.

"This is a murder case," Kirkman said.

"There's no question in my mind this girl is not alive."

He said many details of the story that suggest Jessica left the home of her boyfriend with all her possessions the day she went missing don't add up.

"My belief is that he's been untruthful with police," Kirkman said, adding Jessica didn't own a car and was ill-equipped to strike out on her own.

Kirkman said he was concerned a pair of female bodies found Saturday morning in the desert in Henderson, Nev., southeast of Las Vegas may bring the news he had been dreading.

But Det. Dave Molnar of Las Vegas Police said an autopsy has revealed neither of the bodies is that of Jessica. He said police continue to pursue the case.

"We will keep it as an open case, but the leads are becoming less and less," Molnar said.

Foster continues to carry on without the answers he so desperately wants.

"There's nothing in my life that it hasn't touched or crept into and ruined," he said.

"She has fallen off the face of the earth."

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