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ARTICLE #13) Wedding marred by fear: Family nuptials go on despite woman missing

Saturday, April 29, 2006
Wedding marred by fear: Family nuptials go on despite woman missing
Calgary Sun by Sarah Kennedy

Dwight Foster's secret wish is that his missing daughter Jessie Foster will show up in Calgary today for her stepsister's wedding.

But deep in his heart, he knows that won't happen.

"She was supposed to be here right now," he said yesterday.

Even if the 21-year-old got drawn into the sex trade underworld of Las Vegas, she would come home for the wedding if she could, said Dwight.

And that's the fear gnawing at him day and night -- what has happened to the Calgary woman?

"It's tearing me up that I didn't find out more about the people she was travelling with," he said.

Jessie had been living with a boyfriend in Vegas for about a year and had daily contact with her family back home until a month ago when communication stopped.

Her phone records show she's made no calls and there's been no money taken from her bank account.

Dwight and Jessie's mom Glendene Grant hired private eye Mike Kirkman to hunt down the missing woman in Sin City.

He learned she had been working as a prostitute and was, at one point, beaten so badly she was hospitalized.

The tidbits of information have given Dwight hope but as time passes, that's fading and is replaced by fear the family won't be able to continue to afford Kirkman's fees.

Donations can be made in Trust of Jessica Foster at any CIBC bank.

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