Friday, September 19, 2008

ARTICLE #121) Missing woman’s DNA fails to match in Texas

Tuesday, April 15, 2008
Missing woman’s DNA fails to match in Texas
The Kamloops Daily News by Jason Hewlett

A DNA sample provided to U.S. police by Glendene Grant did not match the DNA of an unidentified woman found in Texas in 2006.

“As I have already known in my heart, the results are negative in the DNA tests against Jane Doe…It is not Jessie,” Grant said Monday.

Grant received the good news from Lieut. Mike Claxton of the Gregg County Sheriff’s office after waiting more than two months for the results.

She took the test in January so it could be compared to the remains of a young woman discovered in Kilgore, Texas, on Oct. 29, 2006. The body was badly burned and could only be identified by DNA or dental records.

Grant’s daughter, Jessica Foster, 21, was last heard from on March 29, 2006. She was living in Las Vegas at the time and working for an escort agency.

A facial reconstruction of the woman was featured on America’s Most Wanted. Grant was alerted by friends because the image was similar to that of her daughter.

Grant believes her daughter is still alive and being held captive by a human trafficking ring in the U.S.

A $50,000 reward is being offered for information about Foster’s disappearance on a website devoted to Grant’s daughter:

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