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Wednesday, January 30, 2008
Rumor Mill News by Patriotlad

Her full name is -- Jessica Edith Louise Foster and in May of this year she will turn twenty-four: Then again, perhaps not: no member of her family has heard from her, by telephone or other means, nor has she been seen since March of 2006. In a long interview with Rumor Mill News, Jessica's mother provided a
fairly thorough account of what this young woman was like, growing up in a modest home in western Canada ... with three sisters.

Her story was the story of a fine young teen-ager, a gal who got herself a job at fifteen, who worked hard, who was a blessing to have around the house, and who is missed by her sisters. Perhaps it is fair to say that Jessica was not exactly the intellectual type, but she was the type who could make close friends and keep them, who was bubbly and kind.

No one has heard from her in almost two full years: not her mother and step-father, not her father and step-mother, not her friends; she simply seems to have vanished from around North Las Vegas, Nevada.

Worse yet, the authorities there seem not to be overly concerned about her disappearance, as her anxious mother tells it. Then again, in the Las Vegas and North Las Vegas area, some two hundred people go missing almost every week of the year. These cities could easily keep an entire squad of detectives busy doing nothing more than investigating these missing person reports and chasing down leads. Maybe they should. But they can't, they don't.

Jessica and Colleen B in Las Vegas. Colleen is the only person who ever visited her in Las Vegas and the only person to meet Peter Todd and his twin brother James. The brothers and Jessica lived together at 1009 Cornerstone Place, in North Las Vegas.

Curiously ... James moved out of the house two weeks after Jessica Foster disappeared. He says he knows nothing about what Peter did for a living, but some folks believe that he knows. James is a school teacher in North Las Vegas, and one might think that lots of people around there are bothered by his close connection to what is possibly his brother's suspicious, if not overtly criminal, behaviour.

Rumor Mill News has taken a special interest in this case, which is unfortunately very similar to other cases of 'girls gone missing.' We wish most fervently that we had the cash and the brainpower to tackle all of the cases that are like this one, and we've heard a lot about many of them from our valued readers. We wish we had our own detective agency and a private air force to shuttle our investigators around, to help find and return the many, many young women who've gone missing in these past few years, since Chandra Levy, and since Natalee Holloway .... But we don't ....

Still, we have you, our valued readers, and with the help of some decent luck -- perhaps we will be able to assist in this case, which is entirely as puzzling as
hundreds of other disappearances we've heard about in the past few years.

This link connects to the missing person site created by her loving parents and step-parents.

Still Missing After Almost Two Years ~ Jessica Foster
January 31, 2008 ... ?read=3030
Members Area - RMN Readers' Room
My Missing Daughter, JESSIE FOSTER
Posted By: JessiesMomGlendene
Date: Thursday, 31 January 2008, 1:37 p.m.

The story written about my daughter's disappearance by Patriotlad -- Wednesday, 30 January 2008, 1:25 a.m.

Here is the LINK: ... ead=117886 - THANK YOU for bringing Jessie's story to your website, I appreciate it very much. Please visit our website listed here, for more information on my daughter disappearance.

Jessie is a victim of human trafficking. She needs to be found and brought home, no matter what. We used to think we NEEDED to find her alive and bring her home safe, now we realise that she NEEDS desperately to come home even if she is not alive.

Jessie's case is being investigated as an Endangered Missing Person by North Las Vegas, NV where she was living and went missing; by ATLAS (Anti-Trafficking League Against Trafficking, the Human Trafficking task force in Las Vegas) who believes there are "many human trafficking indicators in Jessie's case" and are looking into the connection to a Human Trafficking Ring; by the Serious Crimes Division RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Kamloops, BC where I live); and in Edmonton, AB Canada, they are investigating the possible link to Jessie and a Human Trafficking Ring up there. They all think she has been a victim, but there is not enough proof so it is just sitting there, waiting for tips, etc.

Right now, we are waiting for the results of my DNA sample to be compared to a Jane Doe found in Texas in October. Her face was reconstructed and many people thought it could be Jessie. I am not sure - I say, to be realistic, there is a 50% chance it is and a 50% chance it is not Jessie. We HOPE & PRAY it is NOT Jessie.

There is so much more to this me for more info, go to our website or Google: Missing Jessie Foster or even Google me: Glendene Grant (with my unusual name, it brings up lots of my daughter's stories).

Thank you for reading and please feel free to contact me, and if you go to our website:, please sign the guest book. I will reply to you myself.

Sincerely, Jessie's Mom Glendene.

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